Partnership principles & examples


COVID has brought together new collaborations. In many school districts, district superintendents have called on medical and public health professionals to serve as advisory group members for district-level mitigation plans. Collaborations that did not exist before between local districts and Boards of Health have emerged where Boards of Health also serve as advisory group members and provide much needed advice on protection, vaccines, and distancing protocols. Further collaborations could potentially include webinars wherein districts that have conducted successful in-house vaccination clinics can share their successes and challenges with districts considering such clinics. Another key area of collaboration is with community organizations that are supporting vaccination efforts. School-affiliated personnel agree that more of our children must be vaccinated. In support of this, the CDC has recently published a report on vaccine uptake among members of racial and ethnic minority communities (see link below).


EducationWeek 9 Steps for Building Community Partnerships.pdf

A Guide for Community Partners | CDC.pdf

Chelsea, a city hit hard by COVID, has become a vaccination standout – The Boston Globe.pdf